9th Regular Members Meeting – asc(s Continues Membership Growth and Welcomes New Board Member

July 26, 2017
At the 9th regular members meeting held on 6 July 2017 in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, the members of the network had the opportunity to learn about the developments in 2016, current projects and upcoming activities at the asc(s.

**Leinfelden-Echterdingen, 6 July 2017 - Since the last members meeting in 2016, the expert network has been expanded with a number of new members. Thus, a membership growth of 23% could be recorded for 2016. The network currently consists of 33 members. New and complementary expert partners should be integrated in the coming years, given the challenges ahead and the rapid changes in the vehicle development. Two of the latest members, CPU24/7 and rescale, presented a current trend in Cloud and On-Demand Computing. For the first time, the asc(s has also addressed the topic of skill shortage with its first recruiting event for up-and-coming experts, which was successfully held in May 2017. The unanimously positive feedback of participants and exhibitors alike will now be used as a basis for discussion with regards to the development of a recruitment concept with a special focus on simulation and HPC. Medium-sized enterprises, in particular, should be provided with some added value through supportive measures.

Dr. Thomas Münz, managing director of the DYNAmore GmbH, was voted on the board unanimously as a new member of the board. He takes the place of Dr. Detlef Schneider (Altair Engineering GmbH), who could not hold on to his position on the board any longer due to a career transition. So, Dr. Münz was voted in for the remaining term of one year up until the regular advance polls in 2018. The board looks forward to working with him and also thanks Dr. Detlef Schneider for his dedicated service.