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Automotive Solution Center for Simulation e.V.
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70563 Stuttgart (Germany)
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the objectives pursued by the the asc(s?

Our aim is to bundle leading experts from industry and science in the field of automotive simulation. Due to a groundbreaking technology transfer, we focus on purposeful and needs-based research and development of innovative CAE, IKT and HPC methods. And it is to this end that we bring our members together.

What are the requirements to become a member?

As a member of the asc(s, you work in the field of virtual vehicle development and originate from one of the following fields: Automotive and supply industry, independent software vendor (ISV), independent hardware vendor (IHV), engineering services provider, research and science. Here, we set great store by the high quality and the excellent professional expertise of our network. Our members should also generate added value by their professional expertise, so that our network can benefit from their competencies.

How do I become a member of the asc(s?

Personal contact is the cornerstone for a membership in the asc(s. We will gladly provide you - free of charge and without obligations - with comprehensive information about our activities and show you the added value of a membership in the asc(s. After you have identified this added value for yourself, the second step will be the formal application for membership. Therefore, please send the completed membership application form (see documents on the left) with your preferred entry date to our asc(s office. Upon its successful review, your application will be accepted by our board. You will then get a written confirmation and benefit henceforth from a membership in the asc(s.

Can I apply for membership as a private individual?

In principle, yes. In this case, however, you should be able to prove your outstanding professional expertise as well as the additional value that our members can derive from it and you ought to state what you yourself expect from a membership in the asc(s.

How much is the membership fee for the asc(s?

The amount of the annual membership fee is tied to the legal form and the number of employees of your enterprise or institution. Apart from the annual membership fee, there is a one-time admission fee payable upon acceptance as a new member. Go to “Documents” on the left of this page and click on the “Membership Contribution Rules” pdf for current membership fees and admission fees.

What kind of say do I have as a member?

Under our articles of association, members have an equal vote in all decisions that are taken in the annual general assembly. As a dynamic network we value the feedback from our members and would like to hear your suggestions and ideas with regard to new activities or the further development of our network. The asc(s office looks forward to your impulses.

How do I contribute a project idea as a member?

Just contact us! We support our members in the realisation and execution of projects in many ways, for example by offering our members regular and thematic workshops with the opportunity to generate and present new project ideas in the form of “project appetisers”. The asc(s supports you from the consortium formation to the assessment of financing options (funding or industry apportionment) and the industrial validation of new methods and processes, as well as the public relations work related to it.

Which project forms are there at the asc(s?

We distinguish between three different project forms: Funded projects, which are financed by external fundings from state, federal or EU sources and – where appropriate – one’s own contribution; non-profit industry projects; and pure industry projects. A combination of these above project forms is conceivable, illustrating the variety of content and contractual conditions at the asc(s.