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The asc(s bundles impulses from all areas of virtual vehicle development, creating competitive advantages for its members.

We promote, support and realise the method and process development in the field of automotive simulation. Being an interest group and multiplier, we can offer our members a wide range of services and activities in this field:


Access to profound expertise, current project results and the very latest industry achievements.


Invitations to exclusive workshops and keynote speeches on the subject of automotive simulation.

HPC Resources

Access to state-of-the-art and secure HPC resources for the implementation of (non-profit) research and development projects.


Bringing together innovation leaders from science and industry, initiation of new business contacts and access to a research landscape which is unique worldwide.

Project Management

Support for project development, screening for subsidies, the forming of consortiums through to industrial validation.

We are looking forward to welcoming you as a member.

The main focus of our activities is the concentration of expertise from automotive and supply industry, software and hardware manufacturers, engineering service providers and research institutes.

It is our aim to advance the research on and development of innovative CAE and HPC methods, to promote synergies, to save costs and to make the results accessible to our members. This starts as early as the pre-competitive phase.

We provide the environment for smooth cooperations. Enterprises which are usually in a fierce competition with one another work hand in hand at the asc(s, thus gaining new impulses for the development of their products.


Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Wolfram Remlinger

Chairman of the Board

Head of Interior Design Engineering, Institute for Engineering Design and Industrial Design at University of Stuttgart


Lutz Morich

Member of the Board

PMT Virtual Environment / PL Research Project SAVe at AUDI AG


Thomas Münz

Member of the Board

General Manager at DYNAmore GmbH



Alexander F. Walser

Managing Director asc(s e.V.


Hans-Dieter Grein

NEC Deutschland GmbH