simpulseday greenCAX brunch

Feb. 22, 2017
On 16 February 2017 the asc(s invited its members to the simpulseday greenCAX brunch in Weinstadt.

With the results the asc(s found out at world cafés at the simpulseday greenCAE in November 2016 the circle of simulation experts continued defining a roadmap for outstanding activities, project plans and innovative developments for the future mobility. With this strategy the asc(s wants to highlight future challenges and trends, build the bridge from research to the development of innovative simulation processes and support SMEs, young talents and senior experts in getting access to a fully digitalized vehicle development process. In order to fulfill the overall objective and mission the participants derived subgoals for the asc(s’ five clusters vehicle drive, vehicle structure, vehicle physics, vehicle information and communication technologies and numerics & digitalization during the event.

Each participant played an active role in defining the goals and creating an added value for the participant’s business. Among the experts were representatives from OEM, engineering service providers, independent software and hardware vendors and scientific institutions. The results show the current status, the vision until 2025 and what is needed to realize the vision. “The gap between current status and vision shows where our future undertakings have to go. Furthermore it’s helpful to gain insights about the companies’ intentions, different and common objectives. We defined the mission and are ready to face the challenge” says Alexander F. Walser, general manager at asc(s. On the basis of the event’s findings the asc(s is going to present a first draft of the greenCAX strategy at the asc(s general meeting in July 2017.