8th regular general meeting – asc(s announces a positive development for the year and elects a new board

May 25, 2016
At the 8th regular general meeting which took place in Leinfelden-Echterdingen on 12th May 2016, the network members and invited guests were notified of the development which took place during 2015 as well as the pending activities at asc(s.

Thanks to attracting new members, Managing Director Alexander F. Walser was able to report a positive premium increase of 22% for 2015. SCALE became the 30th member of asc(s in April 2016. The aim is to continue this trend in the years to come. The AINET Project (Expansion and Intensification of the Network Activities) at the Automotive Simulation Center Stuttgart and which is being funded by the Baden-Württemberg State Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts is playing a significant role here. In addition to intensifying the cluster activities via an increased involvement of members as well as more events, the objective in the coming years is to increasingly focus on the promotion of young scientists and young engineers in the field of simulation and HPC. The recently-elected board will also tackle this strategic task. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Dr. h.c. Prof. e.h. Michael M. Resch from the High Performance Computing Center at the University of Stuttgart was elected to be the new CEO. It was also confirmed that candidates Dr. Steffen Frik from Adam Opel AG, Jürgen Kohler from Daimler AG and Dr. Detlef Schneider from Altair Engineering GmbH will serve a further two years in their respective roles. Nurcan Rasig, Sales Manager at Cray Computer Deutschland was elected to the board for the first time.

Auditors Dr. Bernhard Fluche from COMSOL Multiphysics GmbH and Dr. Thomas Münz from DYNAmore GmbH were also elected for the next two years. They will form a control committee and monitor financial developments at asc(s.

The press release is available for download here.