simpulseday Automotive lighting simulation and visualization
In cooperation with VDI SIMVEC
21 November 2016

May 25, 2016
The lighting technologies in the automotive field have made a rapid progress in recent decades. In the early 1990 halogen bulbs replaced conventional bulbs.

Today LED and OLED technology offer not only very high light output, but also open up new, innovative design concepts. The simpulseday “Automotive lighting simulation and visualization” is focusing the rapid development in the field of lighting technologies. How could we handle complex and intelligent lighting systems with high design standards in the virtual development process? How can we use full potential of new technologies to improve safety aspects and driving comfort? To discuss these questions and to find new approaches for open challenges the following points will be regarded:

• Simulation of innovative new lighting designs
• Thermal simulation of lighting systems
• Physically accurate lighting simulation and visualization
• Light simulation in real-time
• Optical design and styling of lighting systems
• Interior lighting and cockpit design

Current developments will be presented and future challenges are discussed just like new project ideas (project appetizers) from industry and science.

21 November 2016

Leonardo Royal Hotel Baden-Baden
Falkenstr. 2
76530 Baden-Baden

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