Welcome scapos

Jan. 29, 2016
Since January 2016 the asc(s welcomes scapos as a new member.

scapos AG offers technical software products from research organizations such as Fraunhofer and innovative solutions from start-up companies. The focus is on topics such as CAE Tools, Nesting and Packing and specialized software products on and for parallel and HPC systems.

For automotive applications the CAE tools MpCCI and SAMG are especially important. The coupling environment MpCCI can be used to simulate multi-physical problems, like fluid-structure interactions or thermally coupled simulations. SAMG is a software library for the efficient and fast solution of large sparsely populated linear equation systems that are relevant in almost all application areas of numerical simulation.

scapos is involved in collaborative research and innovation projects at both national and European levels. In addition to R&D linked to its product portfolio, scapos provides expert project management support to European collaborative projects.

The support offering provided by scapos for R&D project management is exemplified by its role in the Fortissimo project, where it handles the operational management (a project with well over 100 partners) and is responsible for the management of open competitive calls. Strategic planning for high performance computing (HPC) R&D is also reflected in its role supporting Fraunhofer’s participation in the European Technology Platform “ETP4HPC”.