Kick-off meeting for European project ExaFLOW

Nov. 13, 2015
The first face-to-face meeting of the ExaFLOW project team took place at the KTH Campus in Stockholm, Sweden on October 28th and 29th 2015.

The Project ExaFLOW address key algorithmic challenges in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to enable simulation at exascale computing, guided by a number of use cases of industrial relevance in order to provide opensource pilot implementations. Exascale computing expects more than 1 million of computing cores.

Over the two days in Stockholm the vision and mission of the project were revisited as well as the ways to move forward. The eight members of the project consortium team agreed on a number of managerial issues. All Work Package leaders presented the work to be done and detailed the tasks in further action points. All project deadlines have been reviewed for both internal and official deliverables. Overall, the kick-off meeting provided the basis for a close cooperation between partners for the three years to come.

Here you can find the complete press release.

The ExaFLOW project has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 Framework Programme (H2020) under grant agreement number 671571.