Welcome Semorai

April 1, 2024
We welcome Semorai GmbH as a new member.

The Engineering AI

Discover the possiblites of semorai.
Save time and automate your Engineering & QM.


We build your Corporate AI.

semorai enables AI-powered solutions for your engineering and quality management.


AI-optimized Requirements

We train, analyse and build our automation models based on your Core IP. Product requirements and all relevant sensitive data that should be processed for better engineering.


Accelerate and Connect your internal knowledge

Find the hidden connections within your product data, and connect relevant requirements with each other. discover falacies within your requirements and optimize them in a continous base.


Build your personal Corporate AI

Continous training of your semorai Engineering AI model solves complex tasks and elevates internal engineering knowledge to a new level.

semorai helps to connect old and new internal IP to support all business units within producing industries.



Semorai GmbH
Rintheimer Str. 23
76131 Karlsruhe

Web: www.semor.ai
E-Mail: info@semor.ai