Welcome Nekonata XR Technologies GmbH

April 1, 2021
We welcome Nekonata XR Technologies GmbH as a new member.

NXRT develops immersive real-time mixed reality simulations for automotive, aviation and railway industries. Until now, existing virtual reality simulators have been cost-intensive ventures and have disregarded the importance of usability. As a result, the widespread use and acceptance of virtual reality simulations has declined - despite their predisposition for many applications, especially for vocational training and product development scenarios. To bring the strengths of virtual reality to a broader audience, NXRT has created a comprehensive mixed reality simulation ecosystem. A vital element of this ecosystem is a sophisticated software solution, the “RT Editor Suite”, which supports the efficient and straightforward creation of a wide variety of driving scenarios, both on roads or on rails. Furthermore, the world-wide unique mixed reality (MR/XR) technology “MISHBILD MR” has been developed - the next step beyond traditional virtual reality (VR). Utilising artificial intelligence, MISHBILD MR creates a visual and semantic relationship between the physical environment and the virtual world by fusing the two visible areas, resulting in a simulation that is very close to reality. With this technology, clients can build otherwise expensive vehicle cockpits replicas at a low cost. Alternatively, the actual vehicle can be turned into a simulator by proprietary vehicle-mounted sensor components. Moreover, MISHBILD MR enables users to see and operate physical control elements such as levers or switches in the virtual environment



Nekonata XR Technologies Gmbh
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E-Mail: hello@nxrt.io
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