Welcome ENGYS

March 1, 2021
We welcome the open-source CFD provider ENGYS as a new member.

As a market leader in the development and application of open-source technologies for CFD and design optimisation, ENGYS® offers a comprehensive range of customer-driven CFD products and services for enterprise engineering. We strive at creating innovative solutions for a wide range of global industries to help engineers design next-generation products that are both efficient and environmentally friendly. Our open-source CFD products include HELYX®, ELEMENTS and HELYX-OS, as well as a wide selection of add-on modules for continuous adjoint optimisation, naval hydrodynamic design, block-coupled solvers and advanced multi-phase flows. Our company operates globally through a network of offices in the UK, Germany, Italy, USA, Brazil and Australia, and local distributors in Germany, Japan, Korea, Spain, USA and France.


ENGYS has a long history of applied CFD and optimisation methods in the automotive sector. Many automotive OEMs, consultants, suppliers and motor-sport teams rely on our CFD software products to design new vehicles and individual components. Our software products have been widely used and validated in the production environment to solve the majority of flow related problems encountered in automotive design.


Goetheplatz 1
18055 Rostock
info [at] engys.com