Nov. 2, 2020
Successful launch of the ITEA3 Project UPSIM a

Successful launch of theITEA3Project UPSIM: This new pan-European project aims forUnleashing Potentials in Simulationby introducing quality management to modelling and simulation.

Credible Digital Twinswill be the game changer for accelerating innovation and reducing development costs in different industries: Within the new project UPSIM vehicle manufacturers, research institutes and suppliers have joined forces to help industry convert from massive physical to enriched virtual prototypes.

UPSIM will boostvirtual system development. It will introduce collaboration processes that will ensure data availability in distributed development environments. Furthermore, it will develop a broad automation via continuous testing and AI supported simulation. The combination of blockchain-based traceability and quality measures finally leads to credible Digital Twins for various applications – from smart engineering, virtual commissioning to predictive maintenance in system operation. Equipped with a total budget of almost 16 M€, UPSIM will significantly increasetrust in simulations, initiating a paradigm shift from real tomassive virtual testingwithin system development, saving development effort in terms of time and costs.

The project kicked off with an online event, connecting 31 partners from seven countries. Leading European manufacturers, suppliers and research institutes joined forces with applications in Automotive, Healthcare, Agriculture and Smart Facility Management. “This is the time to bringModelling and Simulationto its next level – it’s all about the economic value of digital twins unleashed by ensured credibility and trust”, stated by the Dr. Martin Benedikt from VIRTUAL VEHICLE. UPSIM is coordinated by the German subsidiary of VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research GmbH, Austria.