Welcome cogniBIT GmbH

Oct. 1, 2020
We welcome cogniBIT GmbH from Munich as a new member.

cogniBIT is a Tech-Startup based in Munich which enables manufacturers of autonomous vehicles to test in simulation whether their vehicles are safe in the interaction with human road users. Based on neuroscientific and sensorimotor research, cogniBIT develops algorithms that realistically simulate the behaviour of humans in everyday traffic scenarios (e.g. drivers, cyclists, or pedestrians). Their traffic agent models map the entire sensorimotor processing chain from visual perception through cognitive processing in the brain to action. By realistically reproducing human characteristics and limitations (such as a limited field of view, distraction, and different response times), critical traffic situations such as accidents or near accidents can be tested and analysed under realistic conditions. Bringing the human element into traffic simulation, cogniBIT considerably increases the validity of the development and test environment for autonomous vehicles.


Dr. Isabelle Garzorz

cogniBIT GmbH
Wilhelm-Hale-Straße 21
80639 München

Phone: +49 (0) 1520 4621740
E-Mail: info [at] cognibit.de