Welcome German Top Secure Data Processing GmbH

Sept. 1, 2020
We welcome German Top Secure Data Processing GmbH as a new member.

GTS Data Processing is a multi-functional IT company based in Bavaria which is dedicated to the systematic and efficient processing of data by means of High Performance Computing (HPC). We offer unique and customized HPC-as-a-Service models that provide companies with exactly the computing power they need within a given time frame.

Our HPC solutions are optimized for CAE/simulation, artificial intelligence and big data analytics. They also offer dynamic scaling for seasonal workload peaks or new projects. GTS guarantees calculation capacities for almost unlimited data volumes and allows users to concentrate only on their internal processes.GTS Data Processing always offers its customers, in accordance with their requirements and the available budget, the HPC model tailor-made for them as a service - On Demand.

Based on hardware from the world's best manufacturers, our customers can choose between a private bare-metal, dedicated bare-metal or hybrid cloud solution.Our cloud solutions offer highest HPC performance at lowest prices and maximum security in exclusively German data centers operated by independent German companies (no intervention by the US Cloud Act possible). There are no advance payments, investment in hardware and software, or maintenance and operating costs. Billing is then based either on a flat-rate flat rate or the actual monthly usage costs.Our dedicated HPC specialists take over the support of operation and hardware, or optionally the complete system as a managed service.


GTS Data Processing – Your supplier for HPC Made in Germany

info [at] gts-dp.de