Welcome CPS

March 1, 2020
The asc(s welcomes CPS Pekka Stuckert Consulting as new member.

Group of experienced international business experts located mainly in Germany and Finland with over 30 Years broad international industry experience from different business areas, for example automotive, machinery, and digitalization. Network of over 20 Part time partners with deep business area specific expertise. CPS Consulting offers among others technology and solution scouting for companies from Germany and Finland and helps with building of business cooperation between the parties.

CPS Consulting strength are to support, conduct and lead consulting work streams and projects, especially in Automotive Design and Development, CAD and CAE applications, Simulation and virtual Prototyping for Up Front CAE and Main Stream applications. CPS Consulting further has strong experiences in CAE Model Build for most of the Automotive Attributes, NVH, Durability, Driving Dynamics, Safety and furthermore, for Body, Component and Vehicle Applications, with large international teams around the Globe.

CPS Consulting Experts be distinguished in Model Based Systems Engineering Applications for future challenges in Automotive Development, especially the "holistically Vehicle Layout Approach", simulation for new concepts, electrification, automatic and autonomous driving.

In the past CPS Expert acts as a representative of Ford at the German Automotive Research Association "Forschungsgesellschaft Automobiltechnik" (FAT) and for 10 years as the Head of the Working Group 27 (AK 27) "Simulation Methods and Virtual Validation", with active support in several Working Groups, CAE In Concept Finding, Crash and Occupant Simulation, Multidisciplinary Optimization and others. Further the CPS Expert was Leader of the Research Cluster “Materials, Simulation Methods & Virtual Verification" at the FAT., and acts still as a Steering Team Member of the international CAE Conference "Automotive CAE Grand Challenge".

CPS Consulting is a Team with hands-on experience for defining market entry strategies and implementing business development projects in international business environment.