Welcome QuickerSim

July 22, 2018
With 1 July 2018 the asc(s widens its competence center by a further Independent Software Vendor (ISV).

QuickerSim helps industrial companies design their products quicker and cheaper. The start-up company achieves that by means of computer calculations of heat and fluid flows. QuickerSim is focused on development of custom-made engineering software. The software can be used in engineering departments in R&D (e.g. cooling of batteries, dust deposition on sensors in autonomous vehicles etc.). In that case it is aimed at accelerating design cycles (which can drop from e.g. 2 weeks to 3-4 days). In contrast to large software manufacturers we create tailored software solutions which are designed for a particular customer and reflect his project’s needs and workflow. Both founders of QuickerSim hold PhD degree in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The team consists of engineers, software developers, mathematicians. QuickerSims unique value is strong academic background.