lightSim 2018 - Forum for Automotive Lighting Simulation and VR

May 30, 2018
lightsim – Forum for Automotive Lighting Simulation and VR took place in Würzburg, May 16 2018, during the SAFETYWEEK organized by carhs.

The SAFETYWEEK is a platform for the full spectrum of technologies and products for the future automotive safety and its engineering. The lightsim forum was part of the SAFETYWEEK and complemented the session SafetyUpdate “Headlights”. With this event the asc(s gave an overview of the current state-of-the-art technologies in lighting simulation and attracted national and international participants and speakers from Opel Automobile, Optis, BETA CAE Systems, IAV, CPU 24/7, Salt and Pepper Engineering and University of Stuttgart. The event consisted of technical presentations, a speed networking session where participants got the chance to get to know other experts in a personal talk. During an interactive session the participants derived chances, drivers and barriers and got a summary of the results at the end of the event.

The lightsim forum successfully started this year as new event format and will be part of the SAFETYWEEK 2018 from 14-16 May 2019 in Würzburg.