Final Presentation of eEgo - a programme funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

March 28, 2018
eEgo has successfully finished in December 2017 and the project consortium now presented the results to a public audience.

eEgo - a programme funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The project was developing new procedures, methods and software tools to (semi-)automatically derive suitable substitute models and to apply them in a new optimisation environment. The overall goal was to achieve a significant increase in the efficiency of structural optimization.

The final presentation was held on 15 March 2018 in the Motorworld in Böblingen and it has aroused great interest amongst experts in the automotive crash-worthiness. After a short welcome and presentation of the rough project mile stones and key facts by Alexander F. Walser, managing director of the asc(s, each project partner presented the outcome within its working packages and also gave an outlook to future challenges. The consortium consisted of the companies asc(s, divis, SCALE, gns, University of Wuppertal and Technical University of Munich. Amongst the 50 participants there were representatives of automotive OEMS like Daimler, Porsche, Volkswagen, Opel as well as experts from engineering service providers, independent software vendors (ISVs), universities and research institutes.

The new findings of the project will be used for further developments in the field of crash safety and discussions about starting a subsequent project are already ongoing.