simpulseday Multiphase Flows for Powertrain Applications

Oct. 25, 2017
With the simpulseday Multiphase Flows for Powertrain Applications on 24 November 2017 the asc(s brings together simulation experts in the field of vehicle powertrain and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

The presentations from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Merkle & Partner and Mahle Behr provided insights in the state of the art. The audience comprised representatives from automotive manufacturers, software companies and engineering service providers. After having chance to network and exchange experiences during the coffee break the participants got deeper into the topic by continuing the event with an interactive session, in which the experts were able to analyze the applications in vehicle development and the corresponding simulation methods. In the next step the participants identified the lack of methods und derived future challenges. The individual topics have a high complexity and high innovation level wherefore different competence partners for solving the challenges will be needed. The asc(s will bring together the necessary experts and initiate new innovative projects.